Native Plant Fall Festival

Many of us are interested in including more native plants in our yards… but it is hard to find them at our nurseries !  Plus, as we have learned in Stacey’s blog, some “native” plants are actually “nativars”, which may not be as beneficial to the wildlife that depends on them.  And the best time to plant in our region is fall … but most plant sales are in the spring. We at the Cape Conservation Corps in Cape St. Claire, Annapolis area are holding a Native Plant Fall Festival, featuring hundreds of native shrubs, perennials and grasses that you can plant right now. We’ll have experts on hand to help with your selection, plus speakers on pollinators and native plants – even an observational bee hive so you can see native bees at work!

These native plants have been obtained from nurseries that specialize in producing them.  They will be available at a very reasonable cost, but we will only order so many… So come early to the field behind the Cape Clubhouse, and find the best selection.

Here is the list (with prices) of all plants that will be available… until they run out!  The list includes hyperlinks to websites with photos of each plant.

plant list


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