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[paragraph extra=””]Three years ago Cape St. Claire residents formed the Friends of Lake Claire out of concern for the health of Lake Claire.  The lake has been in steady decline for many years: a victim of the steady flow of sediment and nutrient pollu-tion flowing down from the surrounding neighborhood.  Volunteers worked steadily to clean up trash, remove invasive vegetation, and plant native vegetation. Over an acre of phragmites is now replaced with healthy marsh vegetation, and our march around the lake continues! Friends of Lake Claire decided it was time to expand our efforts to include all of the Cape St. Claire community. To reflect that expanded mission, we changed our name to Cape Conservation Corps, formed a Board of Directors and incorporated in the State of Maryland as a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. We are committed to improving and preserving the health of the many natural areas in our community for the enjoy-ment of future generations as well as the abundant wildlife we are so fortunate to share our community with. We hope you will help us further our mission by donating your time, talent or financial resources to our efforts. Click the SUPPORT tab to join our organization today![/paragraph]
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