December 2, 2017

Cut Bamboo at Lake Claire Beach


Rain Date December 3, 2017

Time to meet will be posted here later.


We need help in starting our attack on the bamboo between Lake Claire Beach and Fairwinds Marina.  This is the first step in reducing the erosion problem that we have observed with rain running down the access to the parking lot and off of the marina.

The stalks are tough ! So, we suggest loppers, chainsaw, hedge shear, or other tough implement.  The plan is to work in teams, with one person cutting one stalk, the other immediately filling the “cup” of the remaining stalk with dilute Roundup.  Apparently, the plant sucks down sap together with the Roundup to the “root” or rhizome during the first 15 seconds after cutting the stalk.

We probably will have to continue to be vigilant, and cut the regrowth of bamboo over and over again until it dies off completely.  But, that is for later…



Lake Claire Phragmites

May 20, 2017 from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM Cut Phragmites


May 21, 2017 from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM Cut Phragmites

Meet by the Lake Claire Beach.

We will rent motorized brush cutters to make greater and easier progress.  Come with rubber boots and yard gloves.

Little by little we are making progress.   We have paid a professional to spray the area last fall, and we noticed that there was much less regrowth in the areas that had been cut in the spring.  Looks like the dead Phragmites stalks when there are not cut intercept too much of the weed killer.  So we will attempt to cut as much of an area as we can, to continue making inroads into these pesky Phragmites.  We will pile up the cut stalks away from the houses, and will be allowed to burn the piles.

Come and help !  The more hands the better !

Project Clean Stream

On April 1, 2017 9 AM – 12 PM, we will participate in Project Clean Stream in Cape St Claire.

Plan to wear rubber boots, dirty jeans, and warm clothing to walk our streams and gullies, removing trash and invasive plants from several areas around the community.  In the years that we have participated, we have removed old tires, bottles, cans, tarps, and more…  Gloves and trash bags will be provided to gather our finds (!) and they will be removed by the County.

The more hands participate, the more trash we collect ! So please join us in this annual project to beautify the Cape and protect our environment !

Meeting at 9 AM on the small parking lot across Cape St Claire Road from Grauls.

For those that need GPS directions,  1343 Cape St. Claire Rd, Annapolis MD 21409





Lake Claire Restoration

This has been our first project, started under the “Friends of Lake Claire” name.  The following actions have been on-going:

  1. Phragmites control. The species of Phragmites found around Lake Claire is originally from Europe, hence alien, and also invasive.  It has been chocking Lake Claire for years.  We have cut it, burned it, fed it to “Eco-goats”, and killed it with herbicide, and intend to continue.  We are replacing the vegetation around the lake with native plants, hopefully flowering wetland plants, by spreading a special mix of seeds.seeds.goats
  2. Trash removal.  We have removed trash from the shores of Lake Claire, as well as from feeder streams in the ravines leading to the lake.
  3. Erosion control.   We have removed alien invasive plants, particularly vines, from the feeder streams into Lake Claire.  We have planted native trees saplings and wetland plants to help control the flow of water in the streams during major rainfall events.
  4. Capers access.  We have cut a path covered with mulch along one of the ravines leading to the lake.  At this time, the path only goes part-way.  The path is now surrounded with native plants, hopefully making it more inviting to walk, rest, or contemplate.photo4





Little Magothy Beach Restoration

This project started Fall 2016.  The first step has been to control the flow of water coming from the street onto the parking pad leading to the beach. This is being accomplished with the establishment of a rain garden; water was diverted from the street to a depression off the street, where various plants were planted to help water to percolate into the ground before reaching the parking pad.img_7990     image1

More steps will be needed to reduce the amount of water arriving to the Little Magothy Beach.

More Projects in the planning

We have many projects that we are discussing, and starting to plan for.  These include:

  • Beach erosion at all beaches (discussed at the CSCIA quarterly meeting Summer 2016).
  • Run-off at the Deep Creek boat ramp.
  • Bamboo eradication along Fairwinds Marina.
  • Run-off at Graul’s parking lot and ball field.
  • Phragmites control at Little Magothy inlet.
  • Erosion control at the Lake Claire Beach parking lot.
  • and more…


All these will require upfront investments ! While we hope to obtain various grants to pay for the bulk of the work, the request for these grants often require site plans describing every aspect of the work to be accomplished.  These plans require the participation of professionals, whom we will pay from the funds of the Cape Conservation Corps.  This is one way you can help ! Our Harvest Bash fundraiser goes a long way  (thank you to all who were there !).   Your $20 annual membership donation (tax deductible) goes the rest of the way.

And these projects will also require time investment from volunteers.  Many of these grants require community participation in manpower.  The more of us showing up with shovels, and other implements, the better the community looks to the grant givers, and the more likely they will be willing to give us the next grant.  So this is the other way you can help !  Whether or not you contribute with membership or Harvest Bash, give us you contact information (email is preferred) so we can let you know of the next work day.

2 comments on Projects

  1. Anne Rouse says:

    I am deeply grateful for your work. It restores and enhances our natural community and strengthens our human community as well. I would like to join.

    1. Philippe Ourisson says:

      To join, our annual dues are $20 (calendar year). I suggest that you wait until the new year. Then you can either mail a check to Cape Conservation Corps at 1223 River Bay Road, or use the Donate button that will send you to PayPal.
      If you are interested in getting more active, our Board Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at 7:30 PM at the Cox Meeting Room of the clubhouse (1223 River Bay Rd.) We welcome volunteers to help us at the Board, or become a new Officer or Director.
      Thank you for contacting us ! And Happy New Year !
      Phil Ourisson, Treasurer

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