Month: April 2017

Alternatives to Mosquito Control

By: Stacey Wildberger

Anyone that has spent a summer in Cape St Claire knows we have mosquitoes.  Living near the water is often blamed for the infestation each summer but most of the mosquitoes come right from your own backyard.  Mosquitoes often don’t travel far so it is important to survey your yard and see what you can do to prevent their arrival in the first place.  Mosquitoes need suitable aquatic breeding habitats to complete their life cycle.  Eliminate any sources of open water where the mosquitoes can lay and grow their eggs and stop them before they lay the eggs.  Water can accumulate in bird baths, old tires, rain barrels streams, ponds, ditches, flower pots, roof gutters and unused swimming pools or covers. There are several things you can do: change your bird baths every couple of days, empty and overturn any vessels where water can sit in, use screens on your rain barrels, pull covers and tarps taut and enlist the help of good bugs and other natural predators in your backyard ponds.  Water also accumulates in the dense patches of English Ivy so consider removing this highly invasive plant to reduce mosquito breeding grounds.

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