Month: May 2017

Building Hometown Habitats

 By: Stacey Wildberger

“What will it take to give our local animals what they need to survive and reproduce on our properties? NATIVE PLANTS, and lots of them” –Douglas Tallamy

Last month we hosted a screening of award winning director, Catherine Zimmerman’s film Hometown Habitat along with the CSC Garden Club.   The film shows several different areas of the country and how each of them has used native plants to restore habitat.  We know that nature can no longer exist “somewhere out there” (Douglas Tallamy) because we have destroyed so much habitat through development.  Nature is running out of places to go.  If we can turn our own backyards into usable habitat through the planting of native plants we can help bring nature home. Native flora and fauna have co-evolved together over millions of years and depend on each other for life services.  Many insects are so specialized that they have only one host plant that they can lay their tiny eggs on.  We can provide those in our own backyards.

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