Fall Native Plant Fest & Sale

Once again, the Cape Conservation Corps Fall Native Plant Fest & Sale was a success.  All native plants, including grasses, ground-covers, and flowering plants were all SOLD-OUT by 10 AM.  We saw some of you lined up before we were quite ready, around 8:30 AM.

Thank you to EVERY ONE for keeping social distancing, and being very patient with the entire process.

Statement of the president of Cape Conservation in charge of the plant sale yesterday.

We are a board of 9 volunteers that try to do do the right thing in our community. We have a small budget that we purchase plants with and spent quite a bit of our total reserves to buy as many plants as possible to get native plants into the gardens of our neighbors. We extend the sale out to others by putting it on FB pages geared to native plant lovers. We were met with an overwhelming response yesterday and had a socially distant line from which we let people slowly into the sale. As it became evident we were going to sell out before even the ones there could get any plants (let alone ones that had not arrived yet) I walked down the line letting people and apologizing. Many chose to leave at that time. By 9:55 the plants were gone and the few remaining native plant enthusiasts left. We cleaned up the tables and signs within the hour and departed. Unfortunately we didn’t put up signs as we unprepared to sell out. I wish we had thought to do so. As soon as I got home and settled I posted to FB that we had sold out and apologized to everyone. I tried to response to every comment people made with empathy. Most were very kind and understanding.  I believe you were one that commented cordially asking for other sources which I provided

Our intention was never to deceive or play a dirty nasty trick on anyone. We never expected we would have that many people interested and show up. We have done this for 4 years and never had this type of response of people. While we are thrilled so many people want native plants we simply didn’t have the supply to meet the demand. We will do this again next year and plan on increasing our inventory by as much as we can.



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