Wednesday Weed Warriors

Weekly weeding at Serene Ravine

We will meet every Wednesday.  Meet across 1037 Lake Claire Drive, between Glenwood Dale Drive and Summit Drive, at 5:30 PM.

However, we will not show up in rain or storms.

The goal is two-fold:

  1. Combat Garlic mustard.  Yes, Garlic Mustard is growing again !  We have planted the native ground cover Packera aurea, which is expected to crowd-out the Garlic mustard.  The Packera is growing very well, and we cannot wait to see it bloom this spring.  However, we must help it and remove as many Garlic mustard as possible, to prevent re-seeding or spreading.  In the photograph, the Garlic mustard is the darker leaves, and the Packera aurea the lighter leaves.
  2. Combat Bush Killer.  This vine spreads by rhizomes underground, and grows over plants, particularly bushes and even trees, smothering them and blocking all sunlight, eventually killing them.  It is growing fast, particularly now that some trees have had to be cut down, allowing more sunlight to the ground.  We expect having to fight this one for a while, until the bushes and trees we planted shade the ground enough to suppress it.

Wear gardening clothes that will no mind getting soiled, garden gloves, maybe even rubber boots if rain occurred earlier.  We will have bags to remove the weeds and trash them (we do not want to have them spread, should composting not kill all of them).

Also sometimes (not all the times) we will have a surprise refreshment for the volunteers.  So show up, and be surprised !

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